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Above: Paradise Triptych (A side) Below: Paradise Triptych (B side) acrylic paint and aluminum tape on tyvek, 8 x 13’

Left to Right, Bully Fae Collins, Gregory Barnett and Dani O’Terry

Mother: I am driven towards his voice
His words fill me with
a desire to jump and cry
He shouts and I shout

Father: His eyes are two grey stars
He looks into my eyes only
He sees only me

Son: Dad is a nipple

In AFTERMATH, a performance work in progress postponed by COVID 19, three performers move through complex choreographic structures as an imploding nuclear family. Lurking beneath the dredged up familial traumas they foist upon each other is a heat force energy ripe for detonation. Inspired by a visit to the Hiroshima Peace memorial museum, Hiroshima Japan, Aftermath is about the ordinary terrors of familial emotional violence masked by a shared fantasy of the end of the anthropocene, a fantasy that projects anti-social groundlessness in the wake of disaster. With performers Dani O’Terry, Gregory Barnett and Bully Fae Collins.
© Brian Getnick